Thermal Oxidizer

System Features

  • Allen Bradley software and touchscreen to record process data. ( LEL, Temperatures and Process Flows.)

  • 3000 CFM process capabilities.

  • 15 MM BTU burner.

  • Compact design for quick transportation and safe refinery maneuverability.

  • Internal safety features: Safety Interlocks, Emergency Shutoff, Flame Arrestor’s.

Thermal Oxidizer

System Features

  • A complete system capable of up to 2000 cfm flows

  • Small, powerful and efficient burner technology.

  • Low NOX emissions, rated at less than 30 ppmv

  • Touch screen Monitor to record system performance

  • Diesel generator – 4i rated for low NOX

  • Safety Shut-down features


I.C.E Machines

System Features

  • Fully Automated system with Air‐Fuel Ratio Controller.

  • No Flame Required and Small Foot Print.

  • Dual Flame Arrestor.

  • A wide‐range of automatic safety shutdown features.

  •  Uses Tank Vapors as a primary source.

  • A self‐contained, portable system.

  • Destruction Efficiency >99%.

  • Approved as safe and effective in the destruction of VOC’s.

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